Friday, May 10, 2013

Today was a big day.  We started the day with a few media interviews and then a talk at Université de la Réunion. We got to meet more of the team that will be working with us on the shark mission that starts in the middle of the night tomorrow!  It is a great group of people!

After the talk, we got on the water for the first time to test the flotation of the cameras and to see how far away the VHF transmitter will work.  The VHF is what we use to find the camera after it releases from the shark and floats to the surface of the water.  The range was fine, but it will be a challenge to track the cameras down with the big current and huge swells here at Reunion!

Once we retrieved the camera, Jeremy and I gave a public talk.  I gave it in English, Jeremy in French.  Boy, I wish I spoke French!  It was a great crowd with lots of questions, and there were some very interesting insights from folks who have been living and diving around the island for decades.  The folks here on Reunion are fantastic.  Despite me n,ot being able to speak the language, everybody has been very welcoming!

Tomorrow, Jeremy and I have a couple hours to go to see some more of the island before we load the boat.  Hopefully, I will be able to post some pictures from around Reunion before we head out.


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