Thursday, May 9, 2013

We arrived on La Reunion today after a seriously long trip!  We got a chance to meet up with some of our fantastic local collaborators today, Pascale Chabanet and Marc Soria, and had a quick look around a small part of the island!  The water and the mountains are stunning!  I will drag my camera out to take some pictures to share tomorrow.  We also made a quick visit to the fantastic Aquarium de la Reunion that features local habitats and species.  After that, we got settled in for our couple of days on land before the expedition kicks off!  That meant time to (finally) have a shower, check in with home, and start assembling the gear.  Luckily we all made it safe and sound.  We can't wait to work with the animals!  

Dr. Jeremy Kiszka - back on Reunion Island and trying to set up the time depth far so good

Mike setting up one of the new Mehdi-cams.  We'll go out on the water tomorrow to see how far away we can detect it.

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