Monday, May 6, 2013

Welcome to the Heithaus Lab blog!  We've decided to get this going so we can share some of our adventures and cool findings with anybody who wants to follow along.  From our long-term studies in Shark Bay, Western Australia and  the Florida Coastal Everglades to newer studies around the world, we have the privilege to work with amazing species in awe-inspiring places and alongside great people.

At the Heithaus lab blog we'll keep up-to-date entries from ongoing field trips and also highlight some of our previous work. From time-to-time I'll also have the opportunity to talk about the amazing scientists I get to work with in filming video projects for elementary, middle, and high school students.  We hope that you enjoy the blog (and appreciate feedback)!  

For our first blog-adventure, Postdoctoral Scientist Dr. Jeremy Kiska and I will be keeping you up-to-date as we travel to La Reunion - an island off the east coast of Madagascar - to work on bull and tiger sharks.   We will be joining colleagues and bringing the latest animal-borne video technology to study the behavior and ecology of these large sharks in a coral reef ecosystem - from their perspective!

We leave on the 7th of May, so check back for updates!  

To get to know the lab better, you can "meet" everybody here. Please pardon the dust around the lab website - we are working on overhauling it!

Thanks for tuning in!


A few pictures for fun...
I caught this loggerhead turtle in Shark Bay as part of our ongoing research. Many of the loggerhead turtles in Shark Bay, especially males, are missing pieces of their flippers or shells from tiger shark bites.  

Attaching a satellite tag to a tiger shark with lab alum and good friend Dr. Derek Burkholder.
Linda Heithaus and Patrick Greene while filming math and science videos for K-12 students.

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